S NoName of the facultyQualificationDesignationSpecializationEmail Id
1Dr V Subbiah BharathiPh DProfessorImage Processing, Computer Vision[email protected]
2Dr Phani Kumar PolasiPh DProfessor & HeadSignal Processing[email protected] [email protected]
3Dr Vani RPh DProfessorImage Processing, IOT, Deep learning[email protected]
4Dr R ArthiPh DAssoc ProfessorWireless Sensor Networks, IoT, Machine Learning,Medical Imaging[email protected]
5Dr Roopa MPh DAssoc ProfessorWireless Networks, IoT, Machine Learning[email protected]
6Ms D Hari PriyaM Tech (Ph D)Assoc ProfessorEmbedded with low power VLSI,IOT,AI, Communication[email protected]
7Dr Christeena JosephPh DAssoc ProfessorWireless Networks[email protected]
8Dr.K.ThaiyalnayakiPh DAssoc ProfessorMulti Dimensional Image Processing,Deep learning[email protected]
9Dr R LathamanjuPh DAssoc ProfessorWireless Sensor Networks,IOT,Machine Learning[email protected]
10Dr Kamatchi Sundari VPh DAssoc ProfessorImage Processing, Video Processing, Internet of Things[email protected]
11Ms Srisabarimani KM.Tech (Ph.D)AP – SGCommunication Systems[email protected]
12Ms Reji VM.Tech(Ph.D)AP – SGCommunication Systems, Reconfigurable Antennas[email protected]
13Ms Ramani PM.E., (Ph.D)AP – SGApplied Electronics[email protected]
14Mr Aravindan CM.E., (Ph.D)AP – SGImage Processing, Sensors and Neworks[email protected]
15Dr Preetha RPh.DAP – SGMedical Image Processing[email protected]
16Dr Vidhya Lakshmi MPh.DAP – SGQuantum Computing[email protected]
17Dr Ushus.S.KumarPh.DAP – SGMedical Image processing[email protected]
18Mr Janarthanan MM.E., (Ph.D)AP – Sr GUnder water optical communication[email protected]
19Ms Annapoorani GM.E., (Ph.D)AP – Sr GBiomedical Signal and Image Processing[email protected]
20Mr Moovendan MM.Tech (Ph.D)AP – Sr GElectronics and Control Engineering[email protected]
21Mr Vinothkumar GM.E., (Ph.D)AP – Sr GBiomedical Signal Processing[email protected]
22Ms Saranya Devi GM.E.,(Ph.D)AP – Sr GImage Processing[email protected]
23Mr.K.Senthil KumarM.E.,(Ph.D)AP – Sr GSignal Processing[email protected]
24Mr Vinil MM.E.,(Ph.D)AP – Sr GSpecial Electrical machines, Power controllers[email protected]
25Ms Lalitha KM.E., (Ph.D)AP – Sr GApplied Electronics, Image Processing[email protected]
26Dr Ramya GM.E,Ph.DAP – Sr GPower Electronics and Drives, Power System[email protected]
27Dr Megala VME, PhDAP – Sr GArtificial intelligence,  IoT, Antenna Design[email protected]
28Ms Padmavathi BM.Tech (Ph.D)AP – Sr GNano Technology and VLSI Design[email protected]
29Mr Kapileswar NM.Tech (Ph.D)AP – Sr GWireless Communication and Sensor Networks[email protected]
30Dr Mohan Babu AM.E, Ph.DAP – Sr GVLSI and Nanotechnology[email protected]
31Dr Shunmugathammal MPh DAP – Sr GVLSI Physical Design[email protected]
32Mr Ajin Roch AM.E.,(Ph.D.)AP – OGVLSI Design[email protected]
33Mr Ajay Daniel JM.E., (Ph.D)AP – OGPower Electronics and Drives, Power Quality Improvement[email protected]
34Dr Manoj Kumar DPh.DAP – OGVLSI, Cognitive Radio[email protected]
35Ms S Jacqulin Veda JancyM.E., (Ph.D)AP – OGCommunication Systems[email protected]
36Ms Rajesvari MM.E.,(Ph.D)AP – OGApplied Electronics[email protected]
37Mr K VenkatasubramaniM.E., (Ph.D)AP – OGPower Systems Engineering[email protected]
38Ms Alice Linsie AM.E.,(Ph.D)AP – OGCommunication Systems[email protected]
39Mr N Mahesh KumarM.E.,(Ph.D)AP – OGCommunication Systems,  Wireless Communication[email protected]
40Ms Ramya TM.E.,(Ph.D)AP – OGApplied Electronics[email protected]
41Ms .M.Aarthi ElaveiniM.E.,(Ph.D)AP – OGEmbedded Systems Technologies[email protected]
42Ms Reshma P VM.E.,(Ph.D)AP – OGImage Processing, Machine Learning[email protected]
43Mr Vignesh Raja SM. Tech.,(Ph.D)AP – OGNonlinear fiber optics[email protected]
44Dr K Durga DeviM.E., Ph.DAP – OGImage Processing, Internet of Things, Deep Learning[email protected]
45Ms Kalpana SM.E.,(Ph.D)AP – OGCommunication Systems[email protected]
46Ms Judy SimonM.E; (Ph.D)AP – OGWireless Communications[email protected]