B.Tech – Electronics and Communication Engineering with Specialization in Data Sciences

Duration: 4 Years (Full time)

A growing variety of application sectors, including new scientific discoveries, corporate applications, policy making, and healthcare, are requiring the collection, analysis, and synthesis of massive amounts of data. To meet the increasing demand for professionals and researchers to tackle the challenges of the future, a specialization in data science in Electronics and Communication Engineering is now mandatory. A strong emphasis is placed on providing students with practical experience in solving real-world problems while introducing them to the fundamentals of computer science, applied mathematics, applied statistics, and essential electronics in the context of data science and its applications.


Program Educational Objectives


Establish themselves as successful and creative practicing professional engineers, both nationally and globally, in the related fields of Electronics and Communication Engineering.


Apply the acquired knowledge and skills in solving real-world engineering problems; develop novel technology and design products which are economically feasible and socially relevant.


Develop an attitude of lifelong learning for sustained career advancement and adapt to the changing multidisciplinary profession.


Demonstrate leadership qualities, effective communication skills, and to work in a team of enterprising people in the multidisciplinary and multicultural environment with strong adherence to professional ethics.