SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRMIST) have taken various research initiatives over the years to mobilize the available knowledge resources for research and also, to come up strongly with innovative solutions.

All the research centers of SRMIST function in a cooperative manner to identify and initiate applied as well as cross-disciplinary research projects, create and combine patentable Intellectual Property (IP) components, design and develop prototypes & proof of concepts, manage and market products & solutions (through know-how transferred incubated companies), win and work to deliver funded research projects.

Faculty and students are actively involved in research, as the university is

  • Committed to fostering and furthering research excellence
  • Specially focused on emerging areas of greater potential like AI, NLP, Computer Vision, Bioengineering, Energy, Environment, Materials and Embedded systems among others
  • Actively involved in a research projects that have nation building and public cause at their heart like for instance rural healthcare, among others.


  • Provide excellent research culture and infrastructure
  • Serve as a platform for strong interdisciplinary collaborations and knowledge sharing
  • Publish research findings in high quality journals of international repute
  • Create scientifically profound human resources for academic & industrial research
  • Promote industrial collaborations involving active and mutually beneficial R & D projects




1.Promotion of Research

2.Policy of IPR

3.Policy on Plagiarism

4.Policy on Consultancy Policy

5.Institutional Code of Ethics & Research