10th August, 2014: Our NSS unit along with the NGO “THOZHAN” organized a traffic awareness campaign on 10th August 2014 from 4pm to 6:30 pm at Ramapuram signal with the help of Chennai Traffic Police. Our NSS students were the volunteers of this campaign. We explained the public about the compulsory use of helmets and seat-belts with pamphlets, placards and banners. We also instructed the public to stop before the ‘stop-line’, not to jump the signal, not to drink and drive etc. Around 30 NSS volunteers from our SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) actively participated in this ‘person-to-person’ traffic awareness campaign.

30th August, 2014: With the mission to motivate young students and instill in their minds that “Blessed are the young who can give back life with their blood” A free medical camp was organized in commemoration of our founder’s birth day on 30/08/2014 at SRM hospital by NSS unit. This camp is organized under the leadership of our dean Dr.Subbiah Bharati and our NSS programme coordinator Dr. C. Dharman and Doctors and staff from SRM hospital, Ramapuram. Many free health checkup have been done to the public and to our college students. Around 350 students and 200 people got benefited by this camp.The camp started by 9:00 am and finished by 4:00 pm.

1st September, 2014: NSS unit of SRM university Ramapuram campus kick started the September month with the traffic control activity near the college junction. During the morning and evening rush hours due to heavy flow of vehicles it becomes difficult for the college goers and common people to commute. So has an initiative NSS unit of Ramapuram campus joined hand in hand along with the traffic police to control the traffic during the morning and evening rush hours from last year onwards. So as a part of new semester the junior students of various departments were allotted days to join hands along with the traffic police. Four students of each department along with the traffic police control the traffic in the morning and evening hours. The NSS unit’s traffic control initiative has made the students and as well as the common people to be aware of the traffic rules and also to follow it in a proper way. The way towards success starts with small steps. Even the traffic polices appreciated our volunteers for the same reason.

19th September, 2014: NSS unit of Ramapuram campus, organized motivational talks on NSS, society and road safety. All the team leaders were introduced, and the new volunteers were informed about the activities that were conducted and the future plans of the NSS club.

Two prominent speakers were enlightening the new student volunteers. Dr Vasanthi Ranganathan, chief strategist, M/s Flicker to Flare consultants Pvt. Ltd was our first guest speaker. In her very soothing tone, she engaged the new NSS volunteers. She told how a small help can go a far way, how the society changes and how the needs of people today are increasing drastically. She tried to highlight key points telling that, NSS activities should be done with heartfelt commitment and it cannot be forced on to the students. Practical examples, and real life experiences shared by her, were a insight and a true example of a successful citizen. She quoted many quotes, about success, society and life. The student volunteers were inspired to betterment.

The second speaker of the day was D.S. BABU, Senior police officer in the ST. THOMAS MOUNT area who oversees the traffic arrangements. He educated the students on moral values and highlighted that they must follow traffic rules. He emphasized on how important wearing a helmet is and how different rules need to be followed while using a vehicle. He also told the students that they are responsible for the change in the world. It starts with them. With his motivational and mind awakening thoughts the students were very much enthusiastic.

A human chain programme was organized on Sunday (National Voters Day) (25.01.2015) from Eswari Engineering College Main gate to Arasa maram Junction to create awareness among the public about the importance of voting. Around 500 students from all the three institutes (SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University), SRM Dental College, Eswari Engineering College) participated in the programme.

The Deputy Collector of Thiruvalluvar District, Ambattur Division Ms.Rajeswari Administered the oath of voters. Various officials from the Revenue Dept. also participated. Principal, Dean, Eswari Engineering College, Vice Principal (Administration) SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) Ramapuram, and Director, Ramapuram Campus and Staff members from various Departments and Hostel Wardens participated in the programme.

The most awaited event of the NSS unit, SRM Ramapuaram, Mega Village camp at the KOTTIYUMBAKKAM (Poonamalle) was inaugurated today, 19th February ’15. Moving a step ahead, the LIONS CLUB joined hands with us.

The second day of the NSS Camp started off with a Traffic Awareness program undertaken by the NSS volunteers and staff at the Motel Highway accompanied by the members of the Lion’s Club. This program consisted of educating motorists about the hazards and safety practices of driving with the help of placards. Also some of the volunteers helped in directing the traffic. Then the volunteers headed off to the village ‘Kothiumbakkam’, where the morning session continued with some of the volunteers taking classes for the students.

The 3rd day of the camp started at around 9 am, when some of the volunteers & a few members of the Lions Club distributed pamphlets to the villagers inviting them for the free medical check-up, which will be held on 22nd Feb 2015. A group of girl volunteers stayed back in the school where they taught the women of the Self-Help Group on how to make ornaments using Paper Quilling Technique. This has been done as an initiative of self-employment for the women.

The fourth day of the Mega village Camp began with the inaugural function of the free Mega Medical Check- up Camp held for the villagers, which is jointly conducted by the SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University), Ramapuram and Lions Club of Golden Friends Charitable Trust, Chennai.

The fifth day of the mega village camp started with the morning assembly conducted at the school. This included Tamil Thai Vazhthu, flag hoisting, National Flag song, Pledge and News Reading. The NSS volunteers also joined the kids for the assembly. The students headed to the class room where they were taught greeting card making. They were provided with all the necessary drawing materials which included pencil, scale, eraser, sharpener, crayons, pencil colours and A4 size sheet. The students were taught drawing and colouring, basic shapes and objects. They were also taught the format of a greeting card. This pulled out the budding creativity and innovation among the students. They showed active participation in this session. The best cards will be given prizes on the final day of the camp.

The agenda for the sixth day of the NSS Mega Village Camp included sight-seeing for the school kids to the B. M. Birla Planetarium at the Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Centre, Velacherry. The NSS volunteers arrived at the school in Kothiumbakkam at around 9 a.m. After taking attendance of all the kids they headed to the bus. The head mistress of the school and a few of the school teachers accompanied the students along with our NSS volunteers and staff.

The overall report of the camp was then presented highlighting the various beneficial works, strategies and innovative plans executed throughout the camp for the welfare of the village and the school. Ms. PoojaSiddharthan appreciated the ladies for their creative Paper Quilling Technique and encouraged them to create such innovative ideas for a creative self- employment purpose. The Lions Club members promised the students to be provided with financial support to perceive higher education and encouraged them to work for a bright future.