About the Camogenics Club

Photography is the scientific art through which emotions can be expressed limitlessly. It is not about the camera or the technique used in portrayal of such emotions, but it’s about the person behind the camera; the camera is just a tool as a pen is to a writer. A good photograph should be as haunting as a fine poem or painting. Photographs are not taken; they are made”

The club was initiated with the interest of students with the motive of tapping their hidden imagination and creativity through photography and film making, by providing them a common work platform. That’s where the group of Photographers & Film makers came together to initiate the Photography and Film club of SRM Institute of Science and Technology formerly known as (SRM University) Ramapuram Campus titled ‘CAM-O-GENICS’.

The club’s activities include workshops, contests, photography exhibition, training sessions, outdoor photo walks and discussion forums. The workshops will be conducted in Photography & Film Making by experts from their respective niches. The club was inaugurated on April 12th, 2013 at with 350 enthusiastic students from various departments and now more than 500 students are actively participating in various kind of events.

 The club is coordinated by Mr. C. Aravindan, Assistant Professor (S.G) of Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

List is activities conducted

It is a National level photography and short film fest conducted every year during Feb/March month. The main aim of the fest is to motivate the students to explore their hidden talent and creativity. Many professionals in the field of photography and short film making are invited as the chief guests and judges for the events. On due support from our college, we are motivated to organize such type of fest in the college for the first time.

Photo walk
A photo walk is an outdoor event for learning hands-on the skills of the art of photography which would be a collective effort for the students to get exposed to the practical side of photography The location is selected so as to provide a multi-domain subjects for the photographers that includes Landscape, wildlife, people, street etc. This event will help student photography enthusiasts to explore and develop their skills, while sharing their experiences with each other.


  • Basic Photography
  • Cinematography
  • Short film making
  • Poster making
  • Editing

Various kinds of online contest been conducted like Smile contest, theme-based, poster designing etc.

Orientation program
Every starting of the academic year we conduct an orientation for the first-year students to brief about the Club followed by basic photography workshop where we divide the team into groups for ease of coordination each member who coordinate their team. The guide members were given training in basics of photography and Film making in training sessions on an everyday basis at food court from 3:40 pm to 5:30 pm in batches. These guide members will also be the active volunteers at Photography and video coverage for official college events.

Photo- Exhibition
A photo-exhibition event been conducted every year to showcase the talent where we place the best photographs of the club members which raised huge recognition for the club and its popularity increased multi-fold amongst students and college officials.