Department of Architecture

The School of Environment Architecture & Design was rechristened in 2015 by Padmashri B V Doshi, also a significant person on our advisory board. SEAD intends to cultivate future architects who understand the importance of their role and responsibility in building our cities and nation. The school firmly believes that Design has the potential to change our lives positively in infinite ways. At the same time, it is immensely important in today’s world of depleting resources to design and build structures that are sensitive to their environment and ecology.

The school is equipped with professionals from diverse fields and interests who teach students to question, think and deliberate on their designs rather than merely feeding input. Our faculty are inclined to pursue their practice, research and further education as their professional growth directly contributes to the skills of students. Our students are made to engage with practicing architects, resource persons and academicians from other institutions to benefit from the exposure to various school of thoughts.

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