Programs offered

Full-Time Courses

B Tech: Electronics & Communication Engineering
B Tech: Electronics & Computer Engineering
B Tech: Biomedical Engineering

Part-Time Courses

B Tech: Electronics & Communication Engineering
M Tech: Embedded System and Technologies

Course Introduction

Electronics & Communication Engineering

The course offers and covers versatile concepts in major fields of engineering and technology which leads to wide career opportunities. ECE has well established research labs in the fields of VLSI, Communication and Signal Processing. The department is committed to achieve academic excellence in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering and also promoting R&D activities in the field of Signal Processing, VLSI & Embedded System, Digital image processing and Biomedical Instrumentation.

ECE Department prepares students to pursue leadership, technical, and management positions in a variety of industries. Students have obtained placements at leading companies such as Infosys, TCS, Mind tree, Wipro and Cognizant Technologies. Some are pursuing their higher studies in prestigious institutions in India and abroad. Our students undergo Semester Abroad Program and are winged to MIT, TEXAS in USA, University of Wisconsin & Michigan University. The department is associated with professional bodies like IETE and IE (I) for faculty and students to enhance their research activities.

Most faculty members are accomplished doctorates and postgraduates with considerable research and academic experience. The department has specialists from the fields of Device Electronics, Signal Processing, Microwave & Optical Engineering, Wireless Communication, Embedded Systems and VLSI Design

Electronics & Computer Engineering

Electronics and Computer Engineering encompasses not just the software aspects of computing but also the hardware. Knowing how the hardware works as well as the software, enables the design of systems that incorporate both counterparts and presents an understanding of the whole process from writing software programs that work on a particular operating system to the communication of this with the hardware. Combining these two disciplines gives you an excellent grounding in both subject areas and prepares you for a wide range of careers, in both or either fields. This cross-discipline study gives you the advantage of becoming a multi-skilled professional Engineer with a thorough understanding of the concepts and techniques from other closely related areas that are likely to influence and affect your career, such as object-oriented programming or artificial intelligence.

Electronics and Computer Engineering program will provide you with the knowledge of Electronics and its application, Computer Systems and the latest software to prepare you for a career in Information Technology and Computing Industries. This Degree is designed to cross the boundaries between hardware electronics, software and computer systems. Following a common core in Electronics and Computing, you will take modules in computer programming, operating systems, computer architectures & graphics, networking and the structure and operation of the internet, enabling you to develop a thorough understanding of modern computer systems. In combining the two disciplines- Electronics and Computers- you will gain an excellent grounding in both subjects plus the chance to explore the exciting interface between the two.

Both Electronics and Communication Engineering and Electronics and Computer Engineering has also penetrated into other areas like healthcare, instrumentation, automation, remote sensing, signal processing etc. Hence, students pursuing these courses have a lot of scope in varied industries like

  • Consumer Electronics manufacturing organization,
  • Telecommunication and IT Industry,
  • Healthcare equipment manufacturing organization,
  • Mobile Communication (2G,3G,4G),
  • Internet Technologies, and Power Electronics industry

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering involves the study and application of engineering processes for diagnosis and therapy. It is a rapidly changing interdisciplinary domain, in which each branch of engineering interacts with a number of other disciplines to yield a fundamental understanding of health maintenance processes and improved diagnosis, optimal interventional (surgical, therapeutic & rehabilitative) procedures, prosthesis and organ assist systems, health care systems performance and econometrics. Biomedical Engineering (BME) constitutes human beings earliest efforts to understand the living world in terms of basic sciences and to comprehend to body mechanism in terms of their technological creations.

Biomedical Engineering is the amalgamation of engineering principles and medical procedures in order to create solutions for the healthcare. This essentially involves collaborating with Medical practitioners and researchers in the domain to develop medical equipments and devices as well as computer systems and software solutions related to the field. The department faculty members are expertise in areas such as Biosignal and Medical Image Processing, Rehabilitation Engineering, Biomedical instrumentation, etc,

Career Options

After completion of the course, the students may find place in

  • In MNC’s, Hospitals as a Biomedical Engineer.
  • IIT’s or Universities in India/Abroad for Masters Programme and Ph.D programme.
  • KPO (Knowledge Process out Sourcing) based Companies as a Knowledge Scientist.
  • Society as a good Entrepreneur.
  • Bioinstrumentation
  • Biomechanics
  • Medical Imaging
  • Rehabilitation Engineering etc