Mr.Nithin Alexander, Alumni, SRMIST-Ramapuram (Batch : 2014-18, Marketing & Strategy Head – Voqzi Media,Founder – The Underdog Marketers Community,Chennai, has given the procedural Guidelines for becoming an  Entrepreneur on 13-9-23.
Mr.Prithvy,Alumni, SRMIST-Ramapuram (Batch: 2018-22 ) has provided procedural Guidelines for pursuing Higher studies at abroad and key ponts for gaining self confidence on 12-09-2022.

Mr.Ashish Alumni: Batch :2017 -2021 has Cleared GATE-2023 and Got Admission in NIT-warangal has provided procedural Guidelines for pursuing Higher studies through GATE exam in India on 21-08-2023

Mr.Hans Raj, Alumni: Batch: 2019-2023, Amazon(Non IT), Planned go to Abroad(Oct-2023) has provided an procedural Guidelines for pursuing Higher studies  in Abroad using IELTS,TOEFL and other competitive exam on 21-08-2023.

Mr E SARAVANAN, Alumni: M.Tech(Batch 2020-2023), Junior Engineer at L S Automotive,Chennai has given a breif note on how to enhance the self confidence for preparing Competitive Exam on 17-8-2023.

Mr J T REGHO Alumni:M.Tech(Batch 2020-2023), Application Engineer at Magma Engineering, Chennai has motivated and explained the procedural Guidelines for becoming successful Engineer on 17-8-2023.

 Mr Mayuresh kumbhar,Alumni, SRMIST-Ramapuram (2017-21 Batch), Presently Working as ERP Consultant in Mahindra and Manhidra,Pune has  provided a Guidelines for getting Core Jobs on 28 -9-2022.

Mr Sahil Banerjee, Alumni:Batch-21-24, Summer Internship, Reliance Industries Ltd, Chennai has discussed about the future plan and opportunities in Mechanical fields on 17-8-2023.

Mr.Veer Singh, (Batch:2014-18), pursuing M.Tech at IIT-Madras on Higher studies options and opportunities.

Mr.V.N.Aravinda Mudaliyar, (Batch:2014-18), Trainee in Federal Bank on the Importance of Campus Placement.

Mr.Kannan Kumar A V, (Batch:2014-18), Silicon insights(startup),Coimbatore – Managing Director on Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Big Data Analytics.

Mr.P Suthan, (Batch:2013-17), BYJUS – Business Development Associates on Higher studies opportunities

Mr.Jayesh, (Batch:2011-15), Marine Mechanic-Jassim Al-Lingawr,Qatar on Placement Opportunities in Qatar

Mr.Sabari Charan, (Batch:2011-15), Senior Executive – L &T Technology Services on Current Opportunities in Mechanical field.

Mr.Ajay V , (Batch:2010-14) Graphick Stills – Managing Director on How to become an Entrepreneur