The Department of Mathematics consists of 38 highly qualified faculty members which include 12 Doctorates, 25 Research Scholars and eleven recognized Ph.D. supervisors.
The key areas of research are

  • Analysis
  • Differential equations
  • fluid dynamics
  • Fuzzy set theory
  • Graph Theory
  • Reliability theory
S.No.NameDesignationArea of Specialization
1Dr. Shakeela SathishProfessor& HeadFuzzy Optimization
2Dr. C. DharumanProfessorFuzzy Logic, Support Vector Machines, Artificial Neural Networks
3Dr. P. DevakiAssociate ProfessorFluid dynamics
4Mrs. N. SujathaAsst. Prof. (S. G.)Fuzzy Graph Theory
5Dr. S. ParthasarathyAsst. Prof. (S. G.)Reliability methods and its Applications
6Dr. K. AnithaAsst. Prof. (S. G.)Rough Set theory and its Applications
7Dr. K. BhavaniAsst. Prof. (Sr. G.)Topology
8Dr.  Sindu DeviAsst. Prof. (Sr. G.)Fuzzy Differential Equations
9Mr. M. KannanAsst. Prof. (Sr. G.)Stochastic Process
10Dr. S. DhanalakshmiAsst. Prof. (Sr. G.)Graph Theory
11Dr. R. VijayalakshmiAsst. Prof. (Sr. G.)Fluid dynamics
12Mrs. S. PadmapriyaAsst. Prof. (Sr. G.)Complex Analysis
13Mrs. S. Leoni SharmilaAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Fuzzy Neural Network
14Mrs. S. PoongothaiAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Fuzzy Genetics
15Mr. K. RamachandranAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Complex Function and                        Operations Research
16Dr. R. SrinivasanAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Difference Equations,                   Differential Equations
17Mrs. J. Vilma RoselineAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Operations Research
18Mrs. S. SripriyaAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Graph Theory
19Mrs. L. ManjulaAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Computational Fluid Dynamics
20Mr. M. SureshAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Fuzzy Set Theory and its Applications
21Mr. N. PrabhaharanAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Differential Equations
22Mr. C. GovindasamyAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Topology
23Mrs R.VanajaAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Differential Equations
24Mrs.A.Sudha RaniAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Topology
25Mrs.P.SumathiAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Fuzzy Optimization
26Mrs. Linda JoelAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Reliability methods and its Applications
27Mrs. T.LawanyaAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Fluid Dynamics
28Mr. R.RameshAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Mathematical Biology
29Mr. E.MuralikrishnanAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Mathematical Biology
30Mrs. P.Matilda shanthiniAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Reliability methods and its Applications
31Mrs. P. LalithaAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Graph Theory
32Dr. N. SamyukthaAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Fluid Dynamics
33Mrs. J. KavithaAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Graph Theory
34Mrs. S. SangeethaAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Algebra, Commutative  Rings
35Mr. S. Arul Amritha RajaAsst. Prof. (O.G.)Graph Theory
36Dr. T. YogashanthiAsst. Prof. (O.G)Fuzzy Optimization
37Dr. D. KavithaAsst. Prof. (O.G)Geometric Function Theory
38Dr. B. JananiAsst. Prof. (O.G)Fuzzy sets
39Dr. J. SaralAsst. Prof. (O.G)Graph Theory