S.NoName of the ClubsObjectives of the ClubsOutcome
1SLUG & PLUGTo build the best learning experience for the aspiring students inside and out by Investing more time on strategies that can shape their thinking abilities.
To deliver programs that build connections for the entire community.
To Learn professional technology on the go. From technical progress to personality development, we as a family look into everything and make sure the team manages to happily work together in order to create a better
tomorrow for themselves and the world of IT.
Helpful for Placement Drives
2SKETCHAn unique club which is focusing on technical design. Technical design has a number of applications and is a very popular occupation. The club is training the students who are
interested in artistic ability.
Designers and Developers
3TECH-WIZThe main objective of the club is to motivate the students in developing technical related real
time applications
Real time Application Developers
4ANDROPEDIATo enhance the students to develop Android
applications and participate in software testing applications
APP Develppers
5CODE-CHEFTo enhance the students to design the code for the industrial software and develop some applications based on recent developmentWeb Develpers
6CHIPSETTo develop the industry related applications and enhance the students to develop industry related project work, especially in hacking & RoboticsMaking White hackers
7LOGICPLAYThe main objective of this club is to increase the creative and logical thinking of students by organizing various events such as seminars, technical talks and guest lectures, etc. It also hosts educational workshops in various domains. Students are encouraged to take part in
these events to increase their academic skills
Entrepreneurship Skill development
8INTELLECTSThe Objective of the Intellects club is to conduct events on various technologies where the topics are beyond the scope of the Curriculum. To have a better understanding about the topic hands-on session on various technologies such as JavaScript for Gaming Application, Android and iOS Development, Internet of Things etc. The technologies were delivered to the participants from scratch to get familiarized with all fundamentals and
advanced topics.
Software Developers and Project Managers
9SYNERGIESTo motivate the students in enhancing their knowledge in multiple disciplines and develop real time projectsMultidisciplinary Design and
10TECHPROA place where technology meets the common. An organization that makes the student ready for his future. From entrepreneurship to the latest trends in
technology. It stands as the best platform to learn and grow.
Managerial Skills and Organization capability
11GAMECOMThe Objective of the Gamecom club is to train students in various aspects of game engineering like "Game Development, Animation and Multimedia". Our vision is to transform GameCom into a globally recognized community and to empower content creators
across the world.
Multimedia, Game & Fx Designers
12TECHVAYUNAThe club is a culinary dish, of ingredients like entrepreneurship, technology and internships.Motivates towards
Internships /
13CYBORGOur objective is to make every individual provide innovative ideas and acquire some fruitful knowledge on latest technologies like
machine learning and artificial intelligence
Creates innovations and discovery
14DEVELOPER STUDENTS CLUBTo enhance Students technical skill by incorporating Various building blocks from Google Developers CommunityJoins with Developers Community
15CODEZILLATo create and develop the robots in various models and according to the users requirements,Robotics application Designers and
16JOURNAL CLUBTo enrich the knowledge of Students by latest
Journal publications and innovative project management
Makes Researchers