The department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at SRM Institute of Science and Technology was established in the year 2004 with the aim of imparting quality education to students and bring out the best in them. The key goal of the department is to provide best IT infrastructure, world class learning and research environment, adopt industry practices through industry collaborations and inculcate moral and ethical values. With students hailing from all States and union territories of India, the department was established to meet the demand for well-qualified computer professionals. The promptness of the students to learn makes it easier for the industry-trained experienced faculty to produce top-notch engineers who are being recruited by reputed companies all over the world. The department is renowned for imparting state of the art undergraduate education and preparing its students for real world challenges. The department is accredited by NAAC as Grade A++ and placed by MHRD in category A. Our alumni have done extremely well which include managing top companies, designing revolutionary products, and contributing to fundamental research.

Program Offered

Full-Time Courses

  • Tech – Computer Science and Engineering
  • Tech – CSE with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Tech – CSE with Specialization in Big Data Analytics
  • Tech – CSE with Specialization in Cyber Security
  • Tech – CSE with Specialization in Internet of Things
  • Tech – Computer Science and Business Systems
  • Tech – CSE with Specialization in Cloud Computing
  • Tech – CSE with Specialization in Gaming Technology
  • Tech – Artificial Intelligence

Doctoral Programme

  • D (Full-Time / Part- Time)
    • Eligibility: M. E. / M. Tech. (CSE)


 B.Tech – Computer Science and Engineering

This undergraduate level programme offers the students a systematic understanding of the technology and also trains them in practical skills to put on the inculcated knowledge. The curriculum and syllabi are consistently revised on par with the international standards to include the cutting-edge technologies to meet the requirement of the Information Technology Enabled Services.

Career Prospects

  • Applications developer
  • CAD technician
  • Cyber security analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Forensic computer analyst
  • Game designer
  • Systems analyst
  • UX designer
  • Games developer
  • Information systems manager
  • IT consultant
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Multimedia programmer
  • Penetration tester
  • SEO specialist
  • Software engineer
  • Web designer
  • Web developer


B.Tech – CSE with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This specialisation is designed to enable students to build intelligent machines, software, or applications with a cutting-edge combination of machine learning and visualisation technologies. The main objective of artificial intelligence is to program computers to use example data or experience to solve a given problem. This course discusses AI methods in different fields, including neural networks, signal processing, control, and data mining, in order to present a unified treatment of machine learning problems and solutions. The major focus of the programme is to equip students who want to acquire the ability to design intelligent solutions to problems in a variety of domains and business applications and fields such as natural language processing, text mining, and robotics, reasoning and problem-solving.

Career Prospects

  • AI/ML Analyst
  • Software Developer or Python Developer
  • Speech Scientist
  • Data Scientist
  • Image processing Engineer
  • Machine Learning Algorithm Developer
  • Video ML Engineer
  • Researcher
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning
  • Research Engineer
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data & AI Architect
  • Big Data & AI Consultant
  • Robotics Professional.


B.Tech – CSE with Specialization in Big Data Analytics

The specialisation in Data Analytics prepares students with the skills to perform intelligent data analysis which is a key component in numerous real-world applications. Data Analysis experts are among the most sought-after skilled professionals in IT sector. By studying this course, the students will have an opportunity to learn principles, tools and techniques to model various real-world problems, analyse them, and discover useful information. Further, they are encouraged to propose solutions that support decision-making using suitable data visualization techniques. The major focus of this program is to equip students with programming and statistical skills, mathematical reasoning, machine learning, knowledge discovery, and visualization skills.

Career Prospects

  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Manager
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Risk Analyst

B.Tech CSE with Specialization in Cyber Security

The specially designed B.Tech. Programme in Cyber Security exclusively offers the students a thorough knowledge and hands-on skills in the areas of secure system architecture, secure coding, analysing the cyber-attacks, ethical hacking, evaluating the strength of using penetration testing and cyber forensics. The curriculum is also aimed to provide adequate knowledge in the areas of digital and cyber forensics, ethical hacking, penetration testing, secure coding, Steganography, watermarking techniques and malware analysis

Career Prospects

  • Security analyst
  • Security architect
  • Security software developer
  • Cryptanalyst
  • Security engineer
  • Security administrator
  • Cryptographer
  • Security consultant

B.Tech – CSE with Specialization in Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is among the latest innovations in the area of Computer Science & Engineering and IT. This specialization covers the development of IoT products and services along with the devices for sensing, actuating, processing and inter communication. The program aims to train the students and develop within them strong theoretical foundation, systematic professional knowledge and strong practical skills in the fields of web-technologies, real time embedded systems, communications protocols and collaborative intelligence. This exposure develops as a strong foundation for a wide range of applications in the domain of Internet of Things. The main focus of the course will be on application of IoT in various sectors like Industry, Energy, Retail, Healthcare, Automation, Robotic Things, Green infrastructure and the like.

Career Prospects

  • IOT Applications Developer
  • IOT Applications Specialist
  • Intelligence analyst
  • Computer and Information system manager
  • Risk Analyst
  • IOT Operations Analyst
  • IOT Threats Analyst
  • IOT Testing Specialist
  • IOT Technology Architect
  • Smart City Solutions Architect
  • Technical Consultant for IOT & Smart City
  • IOT ( Sensor / Communication) Security Expert
  • Technical Support Engineer ( IOT & Smart City)
  • Entrepreneur

B.Tech – Computer Science and Business Systems

This curriculum aims to ensure that the students graduating from the program not only know the core topics of Computer Science but also develop an equal appreciation of humanities, management sciences and human values. The students are also exposed to emerging topics such as Analytics, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things etc to make them industry ready at the end of four years of study.

Career Prospects

  • Database Administrator
  • Business Analytic Specialist
  • Business Analytic Modeller
  • Data Mining Specialist
  • Statistical Analyst (SPSS)
  • Business Intelligence Specialist (Cognos)
  • Data Warehousing Specialist

B.Tech – CSE with Specialization in Cloud Computing

A UG degree in game development is impeccable for the young budding engineers aspiring to turn their video gaming hobby into an enjoyable career. It’s a discipline that blends elements of computer science, graphic design, machine learning and virtual reality. In the statistical report of the American Gaming Association, gaming industry jobs offers employment to as many as 1.7 million individuals

Career Prospects

  • Cloud Developer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Database Administrator
  • Cloud engineer
  • Cloud software engineer
  • Cloud automation engineer
  • Cloud Network Engineer
  • Cloud Security Analyst
  • Cloud consultant
  • Cloud Reliability Engineer
  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
  • Cloud Data Scientist
  • Data Science Engineer

B.Tech – CSE with Specialization in Gaming Technology

Cloud Computing simplifies accessibility, provides virtual storage space, and addresses backup issues. It also provides security against unauthorized access and loss of data. Cloud Computing can be considered as a significant tool of Information Technology that has made people’s lives easier and simpler. It helps businesses of all sizes and domains meet their infrastructure, software, and hardware.

Career Prospects

  • Games Designer
  • Software Developer and Game Programmer
  • Games Animator
  • Audio Engineer
  • Games Artist
  • Game coach or reviewer
  • Game Play Tester
  • Game Producer
  • Creative Director
  • Lead Artist
  • Writer

B.Tech – Artificial Intelligence

The goal of this program is to give students the knowledge and skills needed to comprehend, create, and use AI technology in a wide variety of domains. To prepare students for the rapidly flourishing sector of artificial intelligence, this multidisciplinary program incorporates ideas from computer science, mathematics, engineering, and cognitive sciences. Students who are passionate about technology, mathematics, and problem-solving, along with an interest in cutting-edge research and innovation in artificial intelligence may pursue this course to build a solid foundation.

Career Prospects

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • AI Research Scientist
  • AI Ethicist
  • Robotics Engineer
  • AI Systems Architect
  • AI Application Specialist
  • AI Sales Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • AI Healthcare Specialist
  • Supply Chain Analyst