12015-2019Ms. Shikha SinghSystem Support Analyst, Wells Fargo india solutions28/7/2021 III year B.Tech CSE and specializationMy Journey so far: From Student to System Support Analyst
22013-2017Mr. KarthigaiNathanMurugavelData Scientist, Data Cloud19/8//2021B.Tech CSE and specializationYour IRELAND EDUCATION dream is closer than you think!
32013-2017Mr. Akhilesh SoorneediSoftware Developer, Find Sports19/8//2021B.Tech CSE and specializationMy Experiences for Higher Studies and Beyond!
42013-2017Ms. KeerthanaDevanandSoftware Developer,

EngHouse Company

15/9/2021I year B.Tech CSE and specializationStudents to Professionals: A transition to success
52015-2019Ms. Harsha RajanSenior Software

Engineer, Walmart

15/9/2021I year B.Tech CSE and specializationStudents to Professionals: A transition to success
62015-2019Ms. Shikha SinghSystem Support Analyst, Wells Fargo india solutions15/9/2021I year B.Tech CSE and specializationStudents to Professionals: A transition to success
72015-2019Ms.SanjanaData Analyst, Latentview Analytics15/9/2021I year B.Tech CSE and specializationStudents to Professionals: A transition to success
82015-2019Mr. KeerthivasanBl Consultant, IRT Digital Analytics22/9/2021II year B.Tech AIMLChallenges and opportunities in Business Analysis, Process Consultation and Data Engineering
92015-2019Mr. Ruthuparan PrasadSoftware Engineer, Bank of America 


II year B.Tech AIMLRoad to Success: Make your Dreams come True
102012-2016Mr. Aamir Bilal MohammedSoftware Engineer, ITAM Dev LeadBand 8.0, ServiceNow Inc., India27/10/2021B.Tech CSE and SpecializationsGaining self-confidence and conquering dreams after COVID-19
112017-2021Mr. Harishankar PadmanabhanCEO, Speak Your Mind Education28/10/2021B.Tech CSE and SpecializationsThe Career-Shaping Process: Skills and Opportunities

S.NoBatchNameCompany Name / University NameDate of InteractionTarget AudienceTopic
12015-19Ms. Harsha RajanWalmart Labs, Chennai29-06-2020Final year placement studentsPlacement preparation
22015-19Mr. Aravind SriramSoftware Development   Engineer, Synconnect30-6-2020Final year placement studentsPlacement preparation
32015-19Ms. Manonmani LakshmananSystem Engineer, Infosys02-07-2020Final year placement studentsPlacement preparation
42012-16Mr. Ram DixitProgrammer/Developer II, TCS03-07-2020Final year Higher studies students and placement studentsHigher studies and placement preparation
52015-19Mr. Jagnath ShankerAssociate Software Engineer, Volante Software Private Limited10-07-2020Final year placement studentsPlacement preparation
62015-19Mr. Premchand VeerapalliPursuing MS in Computer Science University of Houston13-07-2020Final year Higher studies studentsHigher studies preparation
72014-181. Ms.Saraswathi,Managing Director, National Steel Industries23-09-2020First year Induction programHigher studies preparation and Entrepreneurship skills development
2015-192. Ms. Harsha RajanWalmart Labs, ChennaiFirst year Induction programPlacement preparation
2011-153. Mr. ThilakSenior Software Engineer, Global Analytics India Private LimitedFirst year Induction programPlacement preparation and Entrepreneurship skills development
82004-08Mr. Awanish kumar (First batch of SRMIST, Ramapuram)Vice president,

IT investment management services,

State Street Corporation,




25-09-2020Guest Lecture for Freshers (Batch 2020-2024)Placement and recent trends in IT industry
92014-18Mr. Umesh KalyanaramanLogistics and Supply Chain Analyst, ALDI, Australia and Pursuing PhD in Engineering Management at RMIT University,Melbourne,               Australia04-11-2020CSE with specialization in AIMLHigher studies, Placement preparation and Entrepreneurship skills development
102015-19Mr. S. Samundar AhamedTrainee Decision Scientist, Mu Sigma05-11-2020CSE with specialization in Bigdata AnalyticsPlacement preparation
112016-20Mr. Vijay BalajiSoftware Engineer, Ford Motors Pvt.  Ltd05-11-2020CSE with specialization in Internet of ThingsPlacement2 preparation and Higher studies
122015-19Mr. Pranav DwivediSystem Engineer, Infosys01-02-2021CSE with specialization in AIMLMy Journey so far: From Student to System Engineer
132016-20Mr. Nagarjun VCTO, Freshdigital02-02-2021III-year CSEMy Journey towards Career
142015-19Mr.Prahitya MahavirDigital Marketer/Commercial model, Content marketing strategist03-02-2021III-year CSEBeyond college life
152015-19Mr. Dheeraj NeelaSoftware Engineer, PACS(Product Analysis and Customer Support) Temenos India Pvt. Ltd.16-02-2021III-year CSEJourney from college to corporate
162012-16Ms. Deborah Shekinah JacobCommunity and Technical Mentor, Verizon India17-02-2021III-year CSEDesign thinking for innovation


2012-16Mr. Adhitya Raam SankarSenior Cloud Engineer, Oracle Corporation08-03-2021B.Tech students of SRMISTUnconventionally shaping your dreams
182012-16Mr. Umang SoniAssociate Software Developer, Goldman Sachs International, Bank in Stockholm, Sweden15-03-2021B.Tech students of SRMISTThe dreamers and the doers
19 2013-17


Mr. Shubham Patidar


Transaction Risk Analyst

Amazon Development Center Bangalore




III-year CSEWhat next! Higher education, Job options and Beyond
202014-18Mr. Umesh KDirector, Rotocolour Ink India Pvt Ltd, Chennai, India07/4/2021


II-year CSE with specialization in AIMLPersonality Development
212015-19Mr. Rahul KumarAssistant System Engineer, TATA Consultancy Services Ltd.


08/4/2021II-year CSEBridging the gap between industry and academics
222014-18Mr. Srikrishnan SubramanianSenior Data Engineer

VIMANA Inc. India

09/4/2021II-year CSEWays to overcome hurdles to destiny
232012-16Mr. Sai Deepak ReddyProject Engineer

Wipro limited





III-year CSE with specialization in AIMLSelf-realization: Expectation vs Reality
242013-17Mr. Karthigainathan MurugavelData Scientist, GladCloud, Dublin, Ireland


20/4/2021III-year CSE with all specializationUnlocking Data Science & Industrial Experience
252005-09Dr. Varun SankarAssistant Professor, Lecturer, School of Computing, The University of Utah28/4/2021Students, faculty and research scholarsInternational Guest Lecture on

Case Studies in Scientific Computing: Philosophy, Applications, and Opportunities


Interaction with – Ms. Saraswathi- Entrepreneur

Interaction with Mr.Adithya Raam Sankar, Solution Engineer at Oracle

Interaction withMr. Karthigainathan Murugavel, Data Scientist at GladCloud, Dublin

Interaction withMr. Umesh Kalyanaraman, Master’s in Engineering Management, Adelide

Interaction withMr. Tharun, CEO of Dandutiq and Right Sight Realtors

Interaction withMr. Venkatachalam, Security Analyst, Ernst and Young

Interaction withMr. Santhosh, Senior Software Developer, Verizo

Interaction withMr.Gokulnath, Currently pursuing MS(Cyber security) in MIT, USA

Interaction withMr. MSR Aaditya, currently pursuing MS (Cyber security) in MIT

Interaction withMr. Harishankar Padmanabhan, Sales Development, Freshworks

Interaction with Mr. Aravind Sriram – Software Engineer, Cleartax

Interaction with Mr. Hardik Agrawal, Infosys, System Engineer

Interaction with Mr. Harsha Kandula, Co Founder LTC, Chennai

Interaction with Mr. Keerthivasan R Icon Resources, Singapore Business Intelligence – Consultant

Interaction with Ms. Manonmani Lakshmanan, Infosys, System Engineer

Interaction with Mr. D.Praveen Kumar- Business Analyst, ICICI Pvt. Ltd.,

Interaction with Mr. Shreyan, Assistant System Engineer (IoT), Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Bengaluru