NAME OFTHEEVENT : Whatsapp Message Scheduler using Python
DATE & TIME OFEVENT :15/05/2021,4.00 pm to 5.00pm.
PARTICIPANTS :11th& 12th std students.
COORDINATORS : Ms. Bennet Praba,A.P(Sl.G.)
Ms. Dhikhi T A.P(Sr.G.)
Ms. R. Asha, A.P(O.G.)
Student Coordinators:Tarakeswar N (3rd Year B.TECH CSE – IOT) Shreya Vedhanarayanan (3rd Year B.TECH CSE – IOT)

The event aims at teaching students how to convert speech message to text message, followed by how to schedule the converted message in Whatsapp.

The program includes a 1-hour structured curriculum that covers the basics of Python used for speech to text conversion and scheduling the derived text message at a particular time on whatsapp, to your desired chat. The whatsapp automation project which uses the speech recognition module and converts the recorded audio file into a text format. The obtained text is later given as input to the whatsapp module called “Pywhatkit” which schedules the message at the given time to a particular chat. The message scheduled will be sent to the desired chat at the desired time.